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Executive development

Board Role Development 
For Succession Level Executives


According to a recent NACD (National Association of Corporate Directors) Public Company Governance Survey, executive talent management and leadership development now ranks fifth on the list of priorities of corporate governance issues. This is a noticeable shift from just a few years ago when executive talent management was number 13 on the list of the most important priorities. From our on-going discussions with clients, including Board Members, CEOs and CHROs, we expect that this acceleration of the importance of Talent Development will in fact continue such that in the next survey this category will be even higher in the priority rankings of board level considerations.  


One of the developmental areas that is often overlooked for the senior most succession candidates, including future CEOs and current and ‘near future’ C-Suite Executives, is in developing an outstanding working relationship with a Board of Directors. While there is classroom instruction and coaching available, there is no better ‘board relations’ education for an executive than to actually sit at the table.

This puts the executive ‘in the shoes’ of a Director which can be enormously helpful in improving the executive's effectiveness with their own board while at the same time, making them an even stronger candidate for advancement.
Bialla Partners is uniquely qualified to identify Board Roles where executives can both contribute to the success of a company on whose board they serve while at the same time gaining key skills that they can bring to their own ‘day jobs’ as well as future roles. 


Bialla Board Development Search focuses on matching outstanding, succession-level executives with targeted potential board roles through our extensive network of contacts and proprietary data in conjunction with our four-decades+ search experience at the Board and senior executive levels.


Unlike most approaches to this type of initiative, which are typically passive and unproductive, Bialla Board Development Search is proactive, methodical, measureable and focused. Our most senior partners lead the assignment, which is tailored for each client.


We believe that the opportunity to serve on outside boards can be a strong developmental tool for your key, succession-level executives. We look forward to discussing our approach with you.

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