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Bialla Venture Partners

Bialla Venture Partners, LLC (BVP) seeks to invest equity capital in start-up and early-stage companies based in the U.S. BVP’s managers,Vito Bialla and David Uri, have collective experience of over 70 years as active investors, providing both angel and private equity to more than 50 companies. BVP principals have been hands-on investors/managers and have a solid track record of working with companies to enhance value.


Vito Bialla, the founder and Managing Partner of Bialla Partners, Inc. has been working for more than 45 years in the executive search business and has been an active angel investor throughout his long career.

David Uri is the managing member of Endurance Holdings, LLC, which has provided investment, advisory and interim management services for the past 10 years.  Prior to Endurance, Mr. Uri, was a partner with several middle market private equity firms.  Mr. Uri’s experience covers business and strategic development, acquisitions, transaction structuring, corporate governance and financial analysis. 


Our limited partners are also extremely talented operators, investors and managers with professional backgrounds in leading technology, consumer and financial companies.  Our partners are seeking co-investment opportunities on a selective basis.


Bialla Venture Partners’ investment opportunities are generally sourced through our network of entrepreneurs, managers and investors. We look at a wide variety of industries including technology, lifestyle, consumer products, food, information systems, education, among others.

What makes us different?


• Our network. The relationships we developed throughout the years in the executive search business provide BVP with unique deal flow. We are value-added investors who provide the portfolio companies opportunity to access our exclusive relationships in a wide variety of sectors.

• Our expertise. We are extremely experienced in due diligence and our ability to evaluate management teams. Our limited partners are former C-level executives who deeply understand the issues and challenges facing our clients.

• Our values. We are patient investors. Partnership with our management teams is critically important; we seek to identify managers who are passionate, experienced and have the highest integrity.


Why Do Entrepreneurs Want to Work with Us?


Experienced entrepreneurs and CEOs are selective with which investors they want to work, particularly in the seed and early stage companies:

• They want partners they can call on for lots of reasons – strategy, talent search, capital planning. We have helped our companies by finding good managers, introducing new customers, becoming board members, assisting with raising additional funding. etc.
• They get access to an enormous pool of relationships and resources
• They want partners who are real people that can make timely decisions and have certainty of closing
• They want partners who have lived through challenging times and know how to make rational decisions. They want to work with good people with integrity
• They want partners who can provide follow-on financing


Our Current Investments


Client Success ( - develop CRM tools for client management


Crowd Supply ( – crowd funding platform with back office support


Freshly ( – prepare fresh, healthy meals delivered to your home


Gameface Media ( – provider of photos for athletic events


GitPrime ( – Reporting and analytical tools to manage engineering teams


Green Zebra Grocery ( – Northwest regional grocery chain


Inverse ( – digital media service targeting milleninal men


MagicCube ( – software solutions for securing digital transactions


Mobile Gaming Technologies ( – develops real money gaming platforms


OCHO Candy ( – organic candy company


Safe Cash Payment Technologies ( - block chain digital payments


Soma Water ( – consumer water filtration products


Wild World ( – content, commerce and community for outdoor segment


ZyBooks ( – online, animated education materials for higher-ed STEM courses.

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