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Talent pipelining

We provide sophisticated and effective Talent Pipelining and work directly with senior management, particularly your CEO and Chief People Officer, and in close partnership with your internal talent acquisition team, to assist you in identifying and recruiting talent at SVP-levels and above. Our Pipeline Services include the identification of diverse talent at these levels or those who could ultimately achieve those levels. We strive to make certain we cast the widest possible net to ensure we identify and introduce world-class talent with diverse viewpoints and backgrounds as well as being very sensitive to your culture and cultural fit.


We work as your consultative partner, proactively identifying talent gaps and providing access to a network of senior management and high potential talent both inside and outside your industry in anticipation of future talent needs at the most senior levels, e.g. Senior Vice President, Executive Vice President and C-Suite.


Our scope of services includes:


• Support specific executive searches upon request.

• Participate in Executive Talent Planning to gain an understanding of future executive talent needs.

• Engage with Executives and Internal Executive Search partners to create a game plan for pipeline identification and engagement.

• Ensure there is a focus on identification of diverse talent.

• Recommend exploratory conversations between identified talent and executives, and determine appropriate ongoing engagement actions with individuals e.g., connecting at industry events.

• Provide regular reviews and updates regarding pipeline activity.

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