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Growth company solutions

“The Bridge to Market Value”


There is a key transition period in most early stage companies when moving from the early focus on engineering and product into the go-to-market phase. Traditionally this transition period has two phases:

• The “Strategy” phase when the go-to-market strategy is defined and refined.
• The “People” phase when, based on the needs required to deliver the strategy, the company searches for and hires the key go-to-market leaders – VP of Marketing, VP of Sales, VP of Business Development, etc.

Both phases often require bringing in consultants, whether go-to-market consultants to validate and or drive the strategic direction, or executive search consultants to find the ideal team to lead and execute the strategy.


We have developed a unique holistic team approach – where the same team is brought in from the get-go to optimize the product-market strategic fit as well as the people-company fit. This significantly increasing the odds of maximizing growth trajectory and ultimate company value, thus helping ensure category leadership and ultimately a successful exit.


Additionally our single solution approach and proprietary process dramatically mitigates the risk of missing the heart of the market opportunity, and more importantly of a bad hire.


Our senior, experienced consultants have the unique and proven background and skill set to deliver in both phases of this process. By virtue of working with a team approach from the onset of the process, we significantly shorten the process, thus helping you get the optimum growth trajectory that mush faster.  All of this helps better ensure category leadership and a successful exit.


Here’s how it works:


1. A team of 2 Bialla consultants (our “Go-to-Market Seal Team”) – both experienced in Go-to-Market Strategy and Executive Search – work with you to drive and validate the optimum strategy to maximize value and identify the ideal team to lead and execute the strategy.  While both consultants are actively involved from the get-go:


2. One consultant leads the strategy process:

• Using our proprietary LensSpin process, we scour the universe to identify the relevant market ecosystem and company market landscape (potential current and future competitors, products, partners, prospects, etc.).
• We then provide emerging growth companies with the framework to clearly see their way to the market leadership required to maximize market value. 

• Highlight market positioning that establishes company's market leadership and maximizes overall market value.
• Align strategic plans with market leading positioning.
• Provide advisory services to help company maintain focus and the organizational team to execute it.


3. One consultant leads the search process:

• The strategy process as well as the time spent working with your team informs the search process as we are developing intimate understanding of the specific skillset fit needed to deliver the strategy as well as intimate knowledge of the chemistry and culture fit needs to ensure success – much more so than occurs in a traditional search process.  Fit is absolutely mission-critical to growth company leadership teams because of the dynamic nature of these companies and their markets.  This immersion-informed recruiting process significantly mitigates the risk of a bad fit.
• Timing is also a problem with executive search – often the ideal candidate was available 3 months before a search is initiated.  Because we are engaged earlier than would typically be the case if we were brought in to do the search after the strategy was developed, we have the ability to be aware and potentially identify ideal talent throughout the process. 


The result is a more complete, optimized and validated go-to-market strategy combined with a much more effective solution for bringing in the best talent to lead and execute the go-to-market effort.  Ultimately this gives you the best chance to maximize your value and have a successful exit.

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